Endpoint's Output

In fact, matched Endpoint returns not just an m a, but m (Output a).

Output a is a typed representation of response that is encoded into WAI Response using combination of Encode and ToResponse type classes.
Just as response, Output carries the information about HTTP status, headers and response body or an error.

Linnet provides helpful functions to create and modify output, named after corresponding HTTP codes:

import Control.Exception
import Linnet
import Network.HTTP.Types.Status
import Network.Wai

data ExampleException = ExampleException deriving (Eq, Show)

instance Exception ExampleException

okOutput :: Output Bool
okOutput = ok(True)

badOutput :: Output Bool
badOutput = badRequest(ExampleException)

errorOutput :: Output Bool
errorOutput = internalServerError(ExampleException)

Check out Outputs module for the rest of functions.

Responding with Response

Linnet supports responding with WAI Response out of the box. To do so, pack the response into some Output data:

responseOutput :: Output Response
responseOutput = ok(responseLBS status404 [] mempty)

Mind that response status is overridden with Output status.

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